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Pine Watch – Week In Review #4

Our weekly review is a recap of the previous week’s trials and tribulations. We also cover new announcements, market trends and news in algorithmic trading. Previously, this was done exclusively via our newsletter. This is the first week where our blog takes over and the newsletter serves as a recap.

Bug Fixes

Last week was more code. We had a nasty problem with trades not going through. This caused us to recode a key component of our bot cluster. The offending component was the code responsible for managing bot threads on each bot server. After a few hours, the bot would go wacko and entries/exits would cease to be tracked. We re-worked that entire module and the problem is now fixed. Our bot can run indefinitely without any such problems. This is a great relief as the issue was wreaking havoc and sucking up all TensorTom’s time.


Almost nothing worth coding is as easy as one believes it will be.

Again last night through to today we had yet another issue that was causing trades to not go through. Work began fixing that last night but I had already been awake for a few days. I wound up falling asleep at my desk (As sometimes happens) and fixing it today. That issue was actually quite simple.

When someone deletes their bot instance, it removes the database entry for it and flags all trades for that strategy/symbol/exchange/layout combination as “Inactive.” The problem was, if someone else also had an instance with that same combo deployed, it would flag their trades as well. This was causing trades to go out of sync for said instances and trades to not be placed. This issue has now been resolved. A check was added to make sure no other instances with those settings exist before flagging the bot trades as “Inactive.”

Planning New Features

We’ve been wanting to revamp the Bot Commander for quite some time now but haven’t yet had a chance. That, along with needing to react to issues more quickly is one reason that we need to start hiring. Last week, we made a blog post announcing our hiring needs and how applicants may proceed to seek employment at Pinebot.As far as revamps and new features now that we have time. Here’s what we’ve been thinking about.Roadmap

  • Better tables & options in Bot Commander.
  • Side-wide Night Mode option.
  • Re-enable order-book trailer (A must).
  • Automated TradingView script access list manager for Botmaster vendors.
  • Ability to link multiple strategies together (Use strategy 1 for entries & exits; strategy 2 for exits only).
  • Trade call vendors, enabling trade call vendors to power the bot & sell access to their calls.
  • Page listing real-world performance of trading strategies & trade call vendors.
  • Addition of the Derbit margin trading exchange to Pinebot.
  • Addition of the JAFX margin trading exchange to Pinebot.
  • The launch of our YouTube channel with episodes.

Features Added

We have now revamped and re-enabled our instant messaging system. We now have two messaging systems. One is for IMs and one is for other in-site communications where users are notified via email of new replies. We will be keeping the IM feature from now on. Last week, we also added a new feature to the Bot Commander interface. The Bot Log now serves as a place where users can view potential problems with the bot instances they’ve deployed. If the bot tries and fails (For any reason) placing an order, it will show up in users’ Bot Log. This will help quickly mitigate support tickets in the future.

Additionally, we have now added the ability to reset your exchange API keys in our system. Our system automatically disables users’ keys if an error occurs in using them. Users can now re-enable them by re-saving them. This too will save time in support tickets. A new entry in our documentation has been added for anyone encountering aforementioned trade/order issues in the future. It’s unlikely to be a problem of our code though from now on.

Another week down, another exciting week ahead. Thanks for joining us.

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