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  • Putu Suartana posted an update 1 month ago

    how to understand the character of the green leafbird

    The Green Leafbird has a character that is difficult to guess so that a lot of ijomania are very confused when they find out that their pet bird does not want to appear when it is contested so it fails to dismantle all the filling songs. Because of that, it helps us to understand the character of the cute person before the competition. Almost all of the diplomats agree that the character of green birds is different from the other types of birdsong, many Green Leafbird who are diligent in singing at home so that the owner feels that this pet bird has potential. But when taken to the field either in the latber, latpres program, especially the bird race does not necessarily want to appear, that is the uniqueness of treating Green Leafbird birds so that we must understand the true character.

    The Green Leafbirdis known as a pinpinbo aka smart and this phrase has been circulating for a long time, this type of bird has the ability to mimic various types of birds in a relatively short time which means he is a smart bird. On the other hand the voice of the master that has been recorded in Cucakjo’s memory is also easily lost if he doesn’t hear the master’s voice for too long, to overcome it, of course, the green must have been attached to the master bird or played audio mp3 master.

    Equally important is when the bird is in a state of mourning, re-milling should not be forgotten, in addition to pasting the pattern of care including feed intake must also be a concern. Especially if the green cucak we get is in a ready-to-use condition, we must ask the old owner about his daily parenting and usual feeding procedures. Because often the Green Leafbird who has been diligent in sounding turns into lonely or even fierce just because there is a change in the type of voer, or changing the extra fooding / EF settings.

    Many Ijomania question why newly purchased birds turn wild when they get home even though the birds were previously quite tame, this usually happens because birds drop / stress during the trip. Usually cucak green which is transported by motorized vehicles often sounds in the middle of the trip because it hears noise, but birds dropping or stressed during the trip will always feel uncomfortable and scared.

    Green Leafbird birds who are depressed / dropped during the trip generally occur because the temperature conditions are too hot such as close to the engine or the kerodong is too tight, but it can also be because the temperature is too cold for example the cage is near the source of wind or AC. It could also be caused by a cage that is often shaken when passing uneven roads or too many sleeping cops.

    To find out how far your mental readiness is before you compete there are a number of tips that you can apply, including:

    1. Train green cucak with similar birds, this is to find out how far it looks. If it is considered still not good, do a little change in the pattern of care and feed, especially EF crickets and krotonya, after which birds are re-trained with similar birds until found a pattern of care that makes it really ready to be contested.

    2. If you still have not found a pattern of care and feed that can make it look more optimal when trained with similar birds, you can try the method of refining using female birds. Usually this will make green green be more aggressive.

    3. Add vitamins in their daily care as much as 2-3 times a week, to maintain their poisoning and make their stamina more awake.

    4. In addition to the above treatments, the problem of bathing and sunbathing must also be considered, the article is that there are individuals with green peas that are fast rising when they are dried in the sun, but there are also birds that do not really like when dried.

    If you already understand the character of Green Leafbird, the next step is to prepare it for the race.


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