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Pinebot is a trading bot platform powered by user-created strategies, sold in our marketplace. In order to use the strategies, you must first subscribe to a Bot Commander plan. Our Demo plan is free and automatically assigned to all new users. The rest are priced accordingly.

Our paid bot memberships are currently disabled while we work on our new transpiler. This means that strategies cannot be deployed via the bot in the meantime. However, you can still subscribe to indicators & strategies and access them on TradingView. We’re getting closer to finishing our transpiler and will send out a tweet and email once complete.


Access to Demo Strategy
1 Bot Instance Maximum



1 Premium Strategy Included
6 Bot Instances Maximum
Repaint Protector
Order Book Trailer



Strategy Market Access
2 Bot Instances Maximum


Trading Bot Features – Start with a plan

Pinebot empowers you to deploy automated trading strategies. Upgrading your membership to Standard or Premium unlocks the profit potential of the platform. You then have the ability to load trading strategies in the Bot Commander interface.

Bot Instances

Deploying a bot instance.

Bot Commander

Each Pinebot plan allows you a set amount of “Instances” for deploying strategies. A bot instance can be thought of as a thread. An apt analogy could be imagining that Pinebot’s core bot software were like a car engine. In that case, the strategies would be different grades of gas, a bot instance would be a car, the plan features would be the make and model, and Pinebot.com would be the dealership.

Your maximum instances is simply the amount of strategies you can deploy in parallel, at the same time.



Advanced Features

Each Pinebot member plan has a unique feature-set. The Free plan is solely for demoing the service. The Standard plan allows you to deploy a number of bot instances at any given time. Our Premium plan increases your instance limit and includes some extra, advanced features and a bundled strategy from our marketplace.

Order Book Trailing

A Premium feature designed to maximize profit. Trading on exchanges is almost never free. SomeTrading bot order book trailing. exchanges charge you more for market orders. Some actually pay you not to use them. Almost all exchanges have one thing in common. Limit orders are better than market orders. The trouble is, the current state of supply and demand often means that you’re not going to get that limit order filled.

Did you ever notice how the order book seems to shift in massive waves of momentum to the long and shorts sides? Those are trading bots trailing the order book to get limit orders filled. Now it’s your turn. As soon as the strategy you deploy with your bot instances fires a trade, the order book trailer will keep re-submitting post-only limit orders at the current bid or ask price until filled. You can activate order book trailing on any trading bot instance you deploy under the Premium plan.

Repaint Protection

In trading, repainting is dirty business. Repainting is basically when the strategy you coded produces an inaccurate backtest. “Why does this happen,” you might wonder. It’s more than less the result of flawed backtesting systems. Not always but often enough. It’s not the fault of the strategy coder unless the coder is deliberately causing repaints to trick people but I digress.

It’s important to understand just how difficult it can be to identify repainting and more importantly, the extent to which a strategy repaints. Strategies can be as complex as a botmaster codes it to be. They can rely on several different variable criteria where say, one causes repainting under a certain condition. For that reason, a strategy can repaint anywhere between zero and one-hundred percent of the time. It’s very difficult to determine to what extent this is happening. The point is, it doesn’t necessarily render a strategy worthless. It’s for this reason that we implemented Repaint Protection.

Since the easiest way to spot repaints in Pine strategies is to reload the chart and check for changes, that’s essentially what this function does. If it spots a repaint, it corrects any currently open (Or not) orders to reflect the new state of the chart. I detailed this entire process so that you would understand both the benefit and the potential pitfall. Repaint protection isn’t perfect but it is likely to increase your profit factors.

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