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Trading Bot Pinebot Says “Hello, World!”

Today, I’m very happy and excited to announce the launch of Pinebot to the public. Pinebot is the first ever trading bot platform and vendor marketplace based on TradingView‘s Pine scripting language. Anyone trading or wanting to trade cryptocurrency (And soon, stocks as well) can greatly benefit from our service. Let’s dive right in and explain the next big thing in trading.

Trading relief

Trading markets is hard. So hard in fact that often times it can seem as though you’d be just as well off by flipping a coin as trying to analyze the price. Many tools exist for making sense of trading data but it really is a full-time job that can often lead to something of an obsession. You need a break and we intend to give it to you. One of those tools is called TradingView. TradingView provides, among other things, candlestick charts with really powerful technical indicators. Moreover, TradingView implements a scripting language (Similar to programming) called Pine Script. Pine script allows anyone to create their own technical indicators for use in TradingView charts. Users can then publish the indicators they make in TradingView’s public script directory.

How the Pinebot trading bot works

Backtest example of a strategy used in the Pinebot trading bot.

Example of a strategy’s backtest results.

TradingView also has a special type of indicator called a strategy users can also create with Pine. A TradingView strategy basically tells you when to buy/long and short/sell. These strategies are very powerful. In addition to telling you what moves to make in the market, they’re also hooked into a backtester. Backtesting allows you to see what the past performance of a strategy would have been, had it been running. This allows Pine coders to fine-tune their strategies to ever-greater precision, which they do. A Pine strategy usually indicates a trade action about once every few hours. This can vary but you can imagine the tedium of waiting around for it to show a trade and then having to manually act on it, not to mention sleep and being away. So what if we could automate it with a trading bot? That’s what we’ve done at Pinebot.

Pinebot isn’t the first trading bot to hook into Pine scripts but it’s certainly the most capable. There’s another solution (I won’t mention the name) that requires you to setup alerts, create complicated rules to act on them, and then keep your browser online to run it. Well, baring for the moment that’s another

Pinebot Bot Commander

Our Bot Commander interface (Night mode).

layer of tedium, annoyance, and possible fault, alert scripts can’t be backtested. That means that when you’re using one of those other programs, you have no idea how it might perform. If you ask me, you’re one step from a coin-flip again doing that. Pinebot hooks into actual strategy scripts so you’ve always got a backtest to refer to. Pinebot also doesn’t run in the browser. It runs on state of the art, secure servers so you know your strategies are working for you 24/7, 365. You don’t have to create alert scripts or fiddle with order rules. Simply subscribe to a strategy and load it up with a click. Our strategy marketplace has great strategies and you can view their backtests before using them.

Botmasters & The Strategy Marketplace

So what’s the marketplace all about? This is really important in my opinion. A trading bot is only as good as the strategy it uses. Pinebot has a strategy marketplace where anyone can sign up and sell their Pine script strategies for free. We call those people “Botmasters.” I think the greatest thing about that is it will promote competition to create ever-better strategies. In the past, Botmasters had to manually maintain lists of users and update them by hand whenever they made a sale or got a cancellation. Now they don’t have to do any of that. There was also very little in the way of promoting their strategies. We’re happy to help them do that. This way, Botmasters benefit from a fully automated trading bot platform with their own shop without ever having to reveal their source code to anyone. In addition to strategy subscriptions, Pinebot vendors are also able to sell access to non-strategy, technical indicators.

Getting started bot trading

Let’s go over the plans. New users at Pinebot are automatically added to our Free tier. This is basically a demo plan. It allows you to see just about everything and try out the Bot Commander. Free tier users only have access to the Demo Strategy. This strategy won’t make you money but it will show you just how easy it is to use Pinebot. Once you get a feel for the system, you should upgrade to either Standard or Premium. Currently, this determines how many strategies you can have deployed at a time. Once you’ve upgraded, you can then deploy strategies from our marketplace. Each marketplace strategy requires either a one-time payment or a subscription. How much and how often are determined by the Botmaster who created it. Our Premium plan also includes a winning strategy coded by TensorTom and our Repaint Protection feature.

You should now have a pretty good idea of what we do here. There are a few other things worth mentioning. Pinebot isn’t just a bot platform and marketplace. We also intend to be a social hub for traders. Take a look around the site and you’ll see features including social groups, profiles, and chat features. Pinebot is still technically Beta which is why we’ve priced everything at introductory levels. The site is a bit rough around the edges but we’ll have it as smooth as a sine wave soon enough. I hope this first article has been informative.

Ultimately, Pinebot was engineered to make you money, Commander.

  1. Amazing work. Well worth the wait.

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