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The Trading Bot Early Adopters Program

Welcome to Pinebot

Deploying a trading bot instance.

Trading Bot Commander

We’ve come a long way with our crypto trading bot since those first strategies and indicators. We now have a fully automated trading platform. It’s been a while since access was granted to any of my strategies. Today, I’m opening it back up to previous customers and followers.

There are a few trading bots on the market but there’s one small problem: None of them work! Sure, they’ll put in trades for you but they’re usually based on junk strategies. Pinebot gives you the power to automate complex, backtestable strategies in Pine script like no other. I want everyone to experience its power. So I setup this one-time promotion, with discounts.

Some Pinebot features to consider:


Fully autonomous trading bot.

Intuitive Bot Commander interface.

Runs independently. No browser or computer to leave on.

Order book trailing (Market maker style).

Repaint protection (For strategies that need it).

Full community groups and chat features.

Customizable Botmaster/Vendor shops (Free).

Community-driven Pine script marketplace (Strategies & Indicators).

And more…


Since many of you are previous customers, Twitter followers, etc, we’re giving a recurring 5% discount:


5 Recurring Product % Discount
Promo code for TensorTom's Early Adopters promotion.
Expires Today


But wait, there’s more! lol. Use the Tweet feature below to unlock an additional, one-time 5% discount…


The first discount applies to your account perpetually, forever. The second is a one-time discount that will apply to anything in your cart for one checkout session. It should also be noted that these discounts apply to site packages and TensorTom’s Stratega. It doesn’t apply to other Botmasters’ strategies. I welcome you all and can’t wait to see you in our new community.

  1. Can we have access to our subscribed strategies on Trading View as well? Would like to backtest setting and see calls there as well.

  2. As the wife of Tom let me be the first to say this man is brilliant! I am very excited for you all to reap the benefits of of my husbands hard work! Very proud of you Tom!

    • Hi Lisa love this and well done to you all, new to all this but trying to find a trusted team who also have skin in the deal, look forward to testing, as it is a great idea.


  3. Hi all fully signed up and interface is great. So all I would say is give it a try 😉

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