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ANN Study (Alerts Enabled) v7 + Strategy (For Backtesting) | Premium Edition

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ANN based trend prediction with multiple timeframes support including small timeframes (unlike the original which only supported daily)

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Hello Trading View!

So, I have another update for you this time, and it’s a great one!

I’ve finally got my ANN based trend prediction script upgraded to v7 to allow the ANN algorithm to work to an unprecedented profitability level, it now simply works better than ever! This script is based on Pine v3, and it works for manual trading or even automated trading using Autoview if you fancy that.

This script comes along with full alerts support, and is preadjusted for Autoview support. It also comes with parameters for full control according to your preferred trading style, including Volume Control Alerts if you prefer to get into trades even before last candle closes.

This script has been tested mostly on smaller timeframes (1min-90min), and it does it’s magic by correlating the small trend of the smaller timeframe with big trend on the bigger timeframe. I recommend using it on (1min-90min) only, since it’s shipped with settings that work best that way.

– Timeframes supported with shipped settings: 1min-90mins.
– Early trend analysis and detection due to the nature of the ANN algorithm.
– Timeframe correlation built-in.
– Long/Short alerts.
– Sensitivity/Threshold controls.
– Correlation controls (Multiplier/MA).
Volume control on Last Candle for alerts (Needed if you prefer to use Once Per Bar on your alerts, instead of Once Per Bar Close).
– Very high profitability, no repaint PERIOD. (For techies who understand Pine scripting, this script does not use Price Close on last candle, is a Pine 3 script, has barmarge.lookahead_off. These are all the parameters responsible for repainting.)

This script has been tested for automated trading with Autoview, as I use it with Bitmex mostly, or manual trading based on 1 minute to 90 minute timeframes.

Please let me know if you’d like a FREE trial for 24 hours, or if you’d like to get lifetime access for a very small fee. This comes in return for the 400 hours of scripting, tweaking, testing, and optimization I’ve put into it.

P.S. I’m also working on a parallel C# version of this script for even better automation.



Strategy Stats

Net Profit: 8428
Total Trades: 78
Percent Profitable: 97.44
Profit Factor: 1405
Max Drawdown: 5
Average Trade: 108.5
Avg # Bars in Trades: 138
Backtested Symbol: XBTUSD
Backtested Timeframe: 5



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