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Why the 1-minute Heikin Ashi timeframes?

Why 1-minute Heikin Ashi timeframes? is the only useable HA candle to automate trading from

Python, Pine Scripts, And Pro Trading Bots

Good algorithmic trading bots are notoriously difficult to make functional and profitable. Pinebot seeks to alleviate this difficulty, making it easy for anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency online, algorithmically. Pinebot is still a ...

Pinebot Back Online – Bot Trades Pending

A short update is in order as our site was in maintenance mode for several days. We're now back online.  The cause was a hard drive failure on our main web server which led to a decision having to be made. We bring the site back online, causing ...

Paypal & Credit/Debit Cards Now Accepted

We love cryptocurrency. We were proud to offer it exclusively here at Pinebot but sometimes reality sinks in and you have to do what makes the most sense. Perhaps someday crypto will be ubiquitous enough that it's all a vendor needs. We're clearly ...

Download TradingView Pine Script Access Manager

Today, Pinebot is proud to announce the release of our TradingView Pine Script Access Manager desktop application. Traditionally, if someone wanted to sell access to their strategies and indicators, they had to manually collect payments and manage ...

Pine Watch – Week In Review #4

Our weekly review is a recap of the previous week's trials and tribulations. We also cover new announcements, market trends and news in algorithmic trading. Previously, this was done exclusively via our newsletter. This is the first week where our ...

Pinebot Soon Hiring – Join The Algorithmic Trading Revolution

Pinebot has seen amazing results in algorithmic trading. Following each update, I can't wait to deploy my bot trading instances again. Of course I'd like to have my bot instances running 24/7. We'd also like to be able to instantly respond to ...

The Best Trading Chart Platforms & Why We Chose TradingView

In the battle of the trading charts, there are few worthy contenders. In that, one company has risen above all others. Let's explore why TradingView has the best charting platform in town, what it means to Pinebot, and what their competition is ...

AI Trading Bot That Actually Works & Wins

Every AI trading bot I've ever tried lost money, except for the ones I programmed myself. That was true a couple years ago and it's true now. What's the difference worth writing about? I've opened up access that everyone can take advantage of. ...

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