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Frequently Asked Questions

9 FAQs

  • How can I use my own strategy from Tradingview with Pinebot?

    First, you must become a Botmaster. You can do that from your My Account page, for free. Next, add access on TradingView to your script for the user: Pinebot1 . Then, go to Manage Shop (Which Botmasters have access to) and add a new product. Make sure the product name is the same as your strategy's name on Tradingview. Your strategy can now be subscribed to and loaded in the Bot Commander. If you want to use it yourself for free, create a 100% off coupon for yourself after adding the product.

  • Do you accept Paypal or credit/debit cards?

    Currently, we do not. We at Pinebot are heavily involved in cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. We'd like to encourage the use of cryptocurrency as much as possible so that's what we accept. This may change in the future. It's really easy to get some crypto and pay with it though. We accept Bitcoin and Litecoin. Getting some coin is as easy as using the Coinbase app or visiting a Bitcoin ATM.

  • Do you have a developer API?

    Not yet but we will have one soon. This is something we're already working on because of how awesome it will be. The Pinebot API will be a programmatic bridge between Tradingview's Pine scripts' output and whatever software you're developing.

  • Where can I learn more about using Pinebot?

    We have just recently started our extensive documentation process. Our docs section is the best place to start.

  • Do I need to add the blockchain transaction fees to my payments?

    No. The amount that the shopping cart tells you to send is exactly how much you should send from your wallet.

  • Which strategy comes with the Premium plan?

    When you subscribe to the Premium plan, a special coupon code is automatically generated and emailed to you. This is a 100% off (Forever) discount on whichever strategy you pick. You can choose from any of TensorTom's Stratega. However, it cannot be used in other Botmaster's shops.

  • Why aren't my orders/trades being placed?

    After you deploy a bot instance, the bot will place every trade the strategy generates. If it doesn't, this likely means that Pinebot has deactivated your API or your API key is incorrect. Pinebot will inform you of any errors. Please check your Bot Log. A detailed description of how to troubleshoot this can be found in the troubleshooting doc Orders Aren't Being Placed.

  • How can I change my username?

    You can't change your username but you can change your display name. There are two locations for this. Both can be navigated to via the dropdown menu after clicking your avatar in the upper-right corner of the web site. Then:

    1. My account -> Account Details -> Display Name
    2. Edit Profile -> Profile -> Edit -> Name
  • What's Pinebot's IP Address for Exchange API Whitelisting?

    You cannot use the CIDR whitelist feature of the exchange with Pinebot. This is because Pinebot uses many different IP addresses on different subnets to connect each time. We have our own network of routes that sort of give of a random (Not really random but different) IP address each time in a round-robin fashion. This is to help us deal with rate limiting. The other issue is that we keep these addresses private so that nobody tries to attack us. For this reason, you must allow any IP to connect via the keys you generate for Pinebot.

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