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Download TradingView Pine Script Access Manager

Today, Pinebot is proud to announce the release of our TradingView Pine Script Access Manager desktop application. Traditionally, if someone wanted to sell access to their strategies and indicators, they had to manually collect payments and manage their own TradingView access lists. This was a tedious process fraught with human error and delay. The launch of Pinebot meant that Pine script vendors could list their strategies & indicators in our marketplace and collect subscription payments. We have now expanded that functionality to include automated Pine Script access list management.

TradingView & Pine Script Access

TradingView Access Manager

Now automated.

The old way of doing things was to communicate with prospective subscribers on TradingView and coordinate payment. Then, upon manual payment verification, add them to your Pine script access list. Since Pinebot now takes care of both payment and access list management, all vendors have to think about is coding more Pine scripts and promoting them. When a Pine script vendor lists their strategy or indicator on Pinebot, they only need to add their script’s link/URL to their product page for access list management to activate for that product.

Our new desktop app is notified of all new purchases and payment failures within ten minutes and takes action. If you get a new subscription, your customer’s TradingView username will automatically be added to the Pine Script access list (And of course Bot Commander access granted for strategies). If they unsubscribe, their TradingView username is subsequently removed from the appropriate Pine Script access list.Windows, Mac, Linux

Pinebot Access Manager To The Rescue

Our TradingView Access Manager can be configured in less than five minutes. First, download and install it to your computer. Next, login to your Pinebot account and copy your Vendor API key from your main account page. Finally, save your Pinebot API key, TradingView username and password in the desktop app and close it. From then on, your TradingView Pine script access lists will automatically be managed when anyone subscribed/unsubscribes to your products. Normally, Pinebot handles everything in our cloud. In the case of Pine access lists, we decided to employ a desktop app so as not to be a burden on TradingView’s strict IP-based anti-spam mechanisms. For security, the desktop app encrypts your credentials before saving them to your computer.

The Access Manager app can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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