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Orders Aren’t Being Placed

After you deploy a bot instance, the bot will place every trade the strategy generates. If it doesn’t, there are a few possibilities. I will describe them from most likely to least likely.

  1. The exchange’s API encountered an error at the time of the bot attempting to place the order. Please check your Bot Log and copy/paste any entries you see there into a new Bot Logsupport ticket.
  2. The bot has encountered an unaccounted for connection error and deactivated your API key. If this happens, a log entry will be added to your Bot Log. In this case, open a support ticket and paste your error log into the support ticket. We’ll fix the issue so it doesn’t happen again.
  3. The strategy you’re using has diverged from the backtester, causing the bot to skip the position or exit. A clue that this might be happening would be if there are no entries in your Bot Log. If this happens, contact the Botmaster who created the strategy and inform them of a possible repaint. You may also mitigate this by using our Repaint Protection feature.
  4. Your API key is incorrect. In this case, you will likely see an error explaining this in your Bot Log. If so, generate a new API key at your exchange and replace the old one in the Bot Commander settings.


So regardless of why, the most common reason has to do with our system automatically disabling your API key after encountering an error. A quick fix for this can be to reactivate it yourself. To manually reactivate your key: Open the Bot Commander -> Settings dialog. Select the exchange in question from the dropdown. You will then see your API key and secret. Click the save button. This will reactivate your API key in our system. If that doesn’t fix it, please don’t reactivate your API key again. You should notify support.

Anytime you see an error in your Bot Log, please report it via a support ticket – even if reactivating your key fixed the issue. This will help us stop it from happening in the future.

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