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Trading Strategies

Assuming you now have both a Bot Commander plan and your exchange API key(s) set, you’ll want one or more trading strategies. Pinebot strategies are coded in Tradingview Pine script. Pine coders from Tradingview sell their strategies here via their very own shops. It’s up to you which strategies you want to use. The first place to look is in the Pinebot Marketplace. You can browse all the strategies at once or visit individual Botmaster Shops. At the time of this writing, there aren’t all that many but what is there is quality. The marketplace will surely expand as we progress.

Pinebot Strategy Marketplace.

Pinebot Strategy Marketplace.

Each strategy has its own merits. Some have higher percentage gains yet higher drawdown. Some have higher profit scores. The backtest stats are quite variable and for good reason. Creating strategies is a complex process of finding a balance in the resulting statistics. Everything you need to know about a strategy before purchasing it is on its product page. Moreover, we don’t allow strategies geared to deceive people into buying them. Our Botmaster Vendor rules ensure quality and manual reviews are constantly performed by staff. The stats you see posted on a strategy page should be relatively consistent with its backtest on Tradingview. Be sure to look over strategies

Hulk Strategy product page.

Hulk Strategy product page.

carefully and compare several before purchasing one.

These cautions aren’t so much to avoid being taken advantage of. It’s to ensure you get what you expect. All strategies don’t work on all symbols. Strategies can sometimes be finicky. So much so that a strategy that does good with BTC/USD on Binance might not do good with BTC/USD on Bitfinex or Bitmex. Be sure to consider these nuances when deciding on strategies.

We give you additional resources beyond just product descriptions. Each Botmaster is responsible for their own shop. Each shop has its own built-in support ticket and inquiry system. Each product page shows the Botmaster who posted it. Always be sure to visit their shop, read their reviews, and send them an inquiry if necessary. We will also soon be implementing a Botmaster badge system. To earn badges, Botmasters will have to verify certain details to us and maintain an extra level of care for their shops. Also, be aware that Botmaster vendors have the ability to publish their own blog posts, promotions, and promo code coupons. Staying engaged at Pinebot socially will surely have its benefits.

Once you’re subscribed to one or more strategies, you’re ready to use the Bot Commander to its full potential. Let’s pickup in the next section with Deploying Pinebot.

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