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Exchange Accounts

Before at all proceeding, you first need one or more exchange accounts. Currently, Pinebot supports cryptocurrency exchanges. In the future, we’ll also support stocks, forex, etc. For now, it’s all about crypto.  The exchanges we currently support are as follows.

  • > Binance
  • > Bitmex
  • > Coinbase Pro
  • > Poloniex
  • > Bitfinex

If you need to use a cryptocurrency exchange not yet supported, open a Help Desk ticket. We’ll add it to the features queue. It actually doesn’t take much work to add a new exchange. From here on out, this page will assume that you’re using the Bitmex exchange. Bitmex is an excellent exchange with tons of liquidity and heaps of leverage. Explaining what those two terms means is beyond the scope of this document. All you need from your exchange account is your API info.

Getting Started With Bitmex

These instructions will be for Bitmex. The same general method applies for any exchange we support.








Step 0 – Your country

Bitmex does not allow customers from the USA. However, some have said that you can still use Bitmex by using a non-US proxy or VPN service, connecting through another region like Europe or Asia. How to use a VPN is beyond the scope of this document. If you need a reliable VPN provider, AirVPN should get the job done and is easy to use.

Step 1 – Sign up for Bitmex

If you don’t already have a Bitmex account, sign up with this link. It will give you a 10% discount on your trading fees.

Bitmex Register

Bitmex registration page.

Step 2 – Make an API key

In Bitmex, that looks like the following. Login, click Account, and enter everything exactly as shown below.

Bitmex API Keys

Making a Bitmex API key.

Step 3 – Generate your key

Once you’ve clicked “Create API Key,” Bitmex will display your API key’s ID and Secret.

Bitmex API Key Secret

Bitmex API key ID & secret.

Step 4 – Paste your API key in Pinebot

You’ll need to copy both your API key and Secret. Then, paste them in the Settings dialog of the Pinebot Bot Commander interface. The ID is the key. The secret, the secret. Once pasted, give it a test for good measure and click save.

Bot Commander Settings

Bot Commander Settings

That’s it! You’re ready to use the Pinebot Bot Commander.

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