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Limit-Order Book Trailing

Limit order trailing is a new feature available to our Premium members. Market orders can be treacherous in terms of fees. Besides, who wants to be a market taker when you can be a market maker? Now you can deploy the best

Limit order book trailing.

Limit-order book trailiing.

bot strategies around while at the same time raking in those market maker fees. On some exchanges, it’s a small difference of fees. Many of us however are utilizing margin trading where the fees can be through the roof. That’s also one of the great things about margin trading though.

While the taker fees are large, you get paid as a maker every time you successfully get a limit order filled. Our order book trailer capitalizes on that. Though still in its infancy, the order book trailer will keep submitting post-only limit orders at the bid/ask price until filled. We’re also working on a threshold for going ahead as a taker in case getting filled takes too long. Me though, I’d rather just wait for the next position, most the time.

Limit order book trailing solves a problem that often frustrates even the best. Upgrade to a Premium membership today to take advantage of this uniquely profitable feature.

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